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  • Grief | SOLD


    Original Painting by Emily Scott

    Timelapse Painting : Grief

    What Is Grief, If Not Love Persevering? – Vision

    My baby boy, my sweetest lovin’ ham. I am so grateful to be your mom. Losing you so suddenly and unexpectedly has torn me apart. These last few days with you have been gutting. To be plunged into darkness and then into excruciating pain must have been so stressful and terrifying. Your cuddles, I will cherish forever, especially this last week. You spent your life protecting us, bringing so much joy and love to our lives. My heart broke in a new place every day you were suffering. Operating in a fog of sadness, with swollen eyes, waves of sobs that never cease.

    The cinnamon for your soft, fluffy coat.

    The turquoise for your collar and that mean ‘ol rope.

    The mountain of immense love, and the equivalent pain.

    A heartbreak I never want to go through again, but would do so over and over.

    You are irreplaceable, and left a void that can never be filled.

    I can still feel you with me, I sometimes hear your footsteps and see you smiling and wagging that helicopter tail in the corner of my eye.

    A boy like no other, I’ll see you on the other side, my love.

    30″ x 40″ (76.2cm x 101.6cm)

    Acrylic + Texture + 1.5″ Canvas

    Unframed, Wired & Ready to Hang

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