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About Emily Scott

Well hello there, I'm Emily. Here's a few tidbits about me.

My journey started in a little town in Northwest Montana…



born & raised

Seattle '05-'10

college, grad school, all the nonprofit jobs

Ireland '09

graduate study abroad

Macedonia '10-'11

Peace Corps + the beginning of a 3-year anxiety-filled career identity crisis

Phoenix '11-'12

married into the military and my last nonprofit job

England '12-'16

pt. 1 - climax of anxiety + career identity crisis
pt. 2 - started this business and became a full-time Artist + traveled all over Europe!

San Antonio '16-'20

deep depression, intense isolation, personal development, soul growth, family time + discovered Trailhead and my next career

Spokane '20-'22

divorce, therapy, name & self reclamation, book publication, short film

Austin '22 - ??

a new chapter, a health reset. the sudden, gutting loss of my sweetest lovin' boy, Henry. new loves and new levels.
About Page Scarlet 2
About Page Henry
My Dogs

Rowan, Scarlet & Henry

My darling babies. I was blessed to have 12 years with my sweetest lovin’ boy Henry, and my girl Scarlet is 13 and still watching…judging.

My new baby Rowan just turned 1, the happiest cuddliest little Viking you’ll ever meet.

All the babies make frequent appearances over on my Instagram.

It's been a crazy journey (and still is).

I keep it real — anxiety, fears, the whole deal —

over on the blog.

3 favorite trips Amsterdam
3 Favorite Trips

Norway // Scotland // Amsterdam

3 Things that excite me Amsterdam Boat
3 Things That Excite Me

Tree Tunnels // Fluffy Moss // All The Dogs

3 albums I love 1 1
3 Albums I Love

Dre's 2001 // The Spill Canvas: One Fell Swoop // Beyonce's Lemonade

3 trips to take
3 Trips I Want To Take

Lapland // Maldives // New Zealand

Want something more formal?

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