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Abstract Acrylic Painting Technique Tutorial 1

Supplies Used:
12″ x 9″ Canvas
Reeves Acrylic in Paynes Grey and Titanium White
Various brushes (shown in video)
Dry Mop Brush
Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m SO happy to have you here!

I’ve never taught via video before, so I’m really counting on you to tell me what you want and need from me!

It’s important to me to give you the space to follow along and paint with me, so everything is in real time.

Rather than taking you through a whole giant painting (the video would be hours, nobody got time for that!), I’m showing you the technique that I’ve developed through experimentation over the past 20-some years in a series of nugget-sized videos.

I use this technique in clouds, waves, nebulae, abstract, all over the place. I’d love to see you apply it to your art and decor projects and see what you come up with!

All supplies I use are listed, but don’t feel like you need the exact things I use to do it! ANY soft bodied or flow paint will work for this!

Future videos will be shaped by your feedback, so please give me ALL your thoughts and questions! Have ALL THE FUN!

Love & gratitude,

Emily 🙂

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