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We MUST take care of ourselves.

Nurture ourselves.

LISTEN to ourselves, to what our mind and body needs.

Establish a ritual of self-care.

This can look a million different ways. But carve out the time in your day, even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Read a book, drink some tea, meditate, cast a spell, set some intentions, cuddle your pet, whatever does it for you.

Whatever gets you in the zone of calm, the zone of joy.

Doing it first thing in the morning is ideal for me, because it sets the tone for my whole day.

But that might not work for you. Figure out what will.

What matters is that you do it.

Taking care of yourself will allow you to put your best self into the world.

And that is what the world needs.

Your BEST self.


Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

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