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This was one of those pieces that came to me in a dream.

A forest reflected into the sky, undulating with deep blues.

No sound but that of the thick mist settling amongst the trees.

A world in which nature speaks louder than all else, while saying nothing.


nature art, tree art, forest art


20″ x 24″

Acrylic and Fibrous Paper on Canvas

The Print

Prints Rush Print 7

The Leggings

The Robe

Robe Blue Forest Kimono Robe 2 1

The Mural

Murals Rush Blue Forest Wall Mural 2 1

The Dress

Dress Rush Dress

Emily Magone is a self-taught artist, entrepreneur and Salesforce enthusiast from NW Montana. She wants all women to rise into themselves to maximize their potential – whatever that might look like.