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The decision to end a relationship and to choose yourself is not something that happens overnight. Months turn to years of turmoil, crashing waves of angst and grief churning and swirling with love and hope, while the bed beneath slowly erodes. Some days you’re sure, most days you’re not. An excruciating internal tug of war that only you can end…if only someone else would make the choice for you, tell you what to do. If you pause to listen, however, the breeze of your inner knowing has been gently pushing you toward what you need the entire time, navigating you toward calm seas.

Waver by Emily Scott

Waver by Emily Scott

20″ x 16″ (50.8cm x 40.6cm)

Acrylic on .75″ stretched canvas

Unframed, Wired, ready to hang

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When you travel, you seek epic natural wonders. When you have a day off, you head outdoors. To places without people… where you can really listen to the water, the breeze, and the birds. I feel you. Nothing makes me feel more connected to myself and to everything than tuning into our natural world. I believe that we’re bound to everything and to each other. We are nature. I paint nature because there is nothing more beautiful and magical to me. My abstract work comes from a love of color and allowing materials to behave organically. The experimentation has led to many of the techniques I use in my nature work. I’m here to make art that helps you realign with nature and your higher Self.