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If you missed the end of year planning post you can check it out here!

Goal #1 : Deep, passionate Self-Love.

Like the kind that makes Lizzo so very proud.


This is something that I – and pretty much every woman I know – struggles with on an ongoing basis. I mean, how can we not? Implied and ingrained societal expectations, ruthless consumerism intensely aimed at unattainable and unrealistic beauty ideals, the expectation that a women can (and should) do it all – have a kick-ass career, grow (literally) and raise little humans, manage the entire household, stay in shape, eat well and cook well for your family, take care of your man when he has a ‘completely debilitating’ man-cold, and also handle all the little shit that pops up in between every day. All while trying to control your Resting Bitch Face and look like you woke up rested and joyful.

Self-care seems to be a ‘trend’ for 2020 – while I’m sad that it’s perceived that way, I’m 100% here for it. Get on board the love train, ladies.

This looks different for everyone, but the main factor for me is setting boundaries.

As a natural helper, I tend to say “YES” to everything without thinking. While I truly want to help everyone do all the things, I often end up over-committing myself and having to cancel later, which makes me feel like crap.

I’ve realized that just because there is white space on my planner, doesn’t mean there is actual white space in my schedule.

So I’ve replaced the insta-yes with ‘let me check and I’ll get back to you asap’ – leaving me time and head-space to see if I can actually commit to whatever it is, which eliminates the impending stress, regret, and people thinking that I’m a flake.

Some other boundaries I’m implementing for myself include a stricter bedtime, time limits on phone apps, not questioning my instincts, and prioritizing non-negotiable daily self-care (a meditation, a workout, nature-time, a spa treatment/massage, etc.) by saying no to things that would prevent those things from happening. 

We’ve been conditioned to view self-care, self-love and self-prioritization as selfish rather than vital to our existence, and I’m absolutely over that bs. You cannot pour from an empty vessel – taking the best possible care of yourself enables you to show up AS your best possible Self – for you and for everyone you love. 

No one else is working toward crushing your goals, so why let anyone else’s opinion or agenda steer you away from them?

So… what are some boundaries that you could put in place that would benefit your mental and physical health? Share your revelations in the comments below!

Goal #2 : Salesforce Excellence.

This one’s pretty simple – acquire as many Salesforce Certifications as I can cram into the year.

Also, get right into the Salesforce #Trailblazer community in Spokane when we arrive in April and take as many #milspouses under my wing as I can fit!

Goal #3 : Step back from the business operations.

This has been one that I’ve been working toward for a loooooong time. Through brutal, laborious experience, I’ve realized that one person cannot do ALL the things. You must hire help.

Stepping away from the everyday minutia of the art business and allowing an excellent team to take over all the things so I can just paint the nature and write these love notes to you is something I’ve been dreaming of for a couple years now. I’m now in a place where I can do so, which will allow the business to grow and flourish – and allow me to paint more!

Goal #4 : Squat & dead lift 200 lbs & bench 100 lbs.

This one’s pretty straight-forward.


Goal #5 : Make more space for my loved ones.

I’m pretty terrible about making calls and writing emails, but I’m working on it. Years and years of living in vastly different time zones and being super focused on my own stuff slowly whittled away at my contact with other humans. Now that we’re moving back up north, I’m looking forward to having more (actual) face time with all my loves.

Now it’s your turn! What are your top goals for 2020?!

Think of 3 little things that you could change today that will make a massive difference in your life over the next 6-12 months and share your revelations in the comments below!

You are capable of literally anything you believe is possible. I promise. Let me know how I can help you get there <3

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Emily Magone is a self-taught artist, entrepreneur and Salesforce enthusiast from NW Montana. She wants all women to rise into themselves to maximize their potential – whatever that might look like.