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Doesn’t today seem like the perfect time to simply escape from reality?  I know I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to forget what’s going on out in the world and looking within myself to find the peace that I desire.  


While I’ve been working and reading, what have you been up to?  Are you honing your skills around a hobby you’ve loved for many years?  Or are you spending a little time trying to learn what you need to start a new hobby that you’ve long been interested in?  Maybe you’re simply escaping by watching your favorite shows or getting completely engrossed in a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for months! 


There’s no right or wrong way to escape, so do what you feel drawn to do!.  Listen to your heart, relax your mind, and do what you need to feel free from the worries that are encompassing you.  Let yourself escape and feel the joy that you truly deserve. This too shall pass 😉

Escape dpi from camera
30″ x 20″
Acrylic + Texture + 1.5″ Canvas

The Prints

Escape Canvas Print
Escape Canvas Print

The Robe

Escape Robe
Escape Robe

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When you travel, you seek epic natural wonders. When you have a day off, you head outdoors. To places without people… where you can really listen to the water, the breeze, and the birds. I feel you. Nothing makes me feel more connected to myself and to everything than tuning into our natural world. I believe that we’re bound to everything and to each other. We are nature. I paint nature because there is nothing more beautiful and magical to me. My abstract work comes from a love of color and allowing materials to behave organically. The experimentation has led to many of the techniques I use in my nature work. I’m here to make art that helps you realign with nature and your higher Self.