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I learned a very hard and painful lesson this year about nurturing, loving and listening to myself. I took a journey across the country with my dogs to gain some clarity, stopping at some of the most beautiful places on earth; Bonneville Salt Flats being one of them. This place is vast and otherworldly, serene and breathtaking. Such a unique landscape, a sight that stops you in your tracks, silences your thoughts as you take it in.

"Nurture" by Emily Scott

“Nurture” by Emily Scott

18″ x 24″ (45.7cm x 61cm)

Acrylic + Sand + 1.5″ Canvas

Unframed, Wired & Ready to Hang

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When you travel, you seek epic natural wonders. When you have a day off, you head outdoors. To places without people… where you can really listen to the water, the breeze, and the birds. I feel you. Nothing makes me feel more connected to myself and to everything than tuning into our natural world. I believe that we’re bound to everything and to each other. We are nature. I paint nature because there is nothing more beautiful and magical to me. My abstract work comes from a love of color and allowing materials to behave organically. The experimentation has led to many of the techniques I use in my nature work. I’m here to make art that helps you realign with nature and your higher Self.