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You know those moments when you feel like you’re on top of the world?

When everything is amazing, and you can’t believe how abundant and incredible your life is?

When you realize that your current surroundings and circumstances are (almost) exactly what you have been fantasizing about for years, if not better?

(Hint: That is manifestation at work)

It’s an amazing feeling, no question.

So what I need you to do when you have one of those moments, is to WRITE IT DOWN.

Write down how awesome everything is. How abundant your life is.

Because there are going to be those moments when you feel like shit.

When you feel like nothing is going right.

When you’re just having a sad, shitty, doomy gloomy moment.

Write it down so you can tap into that energy again, and remember how epic your life is.

How grateful you are for everything and everyone around you.

Because that is the vibration that will keep all that good shit coming.

Questions? Comments? Stories or examples of this working in YOUR life?

Share them below!

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Emily is an Artist, entrepreneur, and ambitious introvert who had to rethink her career plans when she married a military man.  She wrote Permission Granted to lift other purpose-driven women up on the journey to creating their ideal lives. 

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