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Sometimes, I get the most beautiful notes from my Collectors. This one was particularly important to me, as it demonstrates something very meaningful to me, and the kind of healing that I want to foster for those that view my work.

The Collector’s name and artwork title have been withheld for his privacy.

“This is uncomfortable to say…I have seen and been through things that no human being should. I have been to Afghanistan, Bosnia and other countries…I have been shot at, mortared and almost blown up more times than are ok. I don’t say this as a badge of courage, but as a prelim to say that our piece of Emily’s artwork is my center. When I wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, I go to the bathroom…I see it on the wall above the tub and it calms me, it soothes me. It reminds me that there is beauty and good in the world…and all is well.” – An Appreciative Collector

PTSD is a serious issue that millions of people face, and there are several methods of attempted treatment. Knowing that I can bring a little slice of peace to one survivor means the absolute world to me.

I am so grateful.

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