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Being a military spouse for the last 10 years, I know what’s up when it comes to moving all the time and trying to make every new-not-forever home look how you want it to (amazing).  I also know that it can be soooo easy to ignore the details, leave your walls bare, or even leave some stuff packed up since you’ll just be packing up and heading to the next spot at any time.


However, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s much more enjoyable to live in a home that you find pretty than one that is void of your personality.  


Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas for Frequent Mover…. That Are Still Pretty


1.  Create a Beverage Cart

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Imagine inviting new friends over to your home and wheeling a beverage cart into your living room or sitting area like the #bossassbitch you are.  This cart can be full of everything you need to serve up a few drinks, as well as the amazing snacks you’ve magically curated. The best part about creating your own beverage cart is you can match it to your own decor style and personality.  This is easy to do with contact paper and paint, so the sky’s the limit, even if your budget isn’t.


2.  Add an Awesome Piece of Art

Manifest inSitu

Manifest inSitu

Artwork can add flair to any wall in a home and it’s easy to pack up and take with you wherever you end up two weeks, two months, or a year later!  Find a piece that speaks to you, so you can feel the love every time you look at it inside whatever home you happen to live in at the moment. 


3.  Utilize Vinyl Decals


When you are bouncing from one home to the next, you’re not going to want to spend hours and tons of money dealing with painting or wallpapering.  Similar to the murals that you can peel off and take with you, vinyl decals can be completely customized.  You can simply add these decals wherever you want them and they can then be removed right as you’re walking out the door.  


4.  Texture an Accent Wall


There are times when you want to add a little extra to a home you’re living in even if you can’t take it with you.  A textured wall is simple to do with items you probably already have, but it won’t cost much to purchase a few things either.  There are tons of rad options these days, from aluminum-look sheets to stick-on wood planks and brick to simply rolling on a couple of different shades of paint you like. While you may need permission to do a textured accent wall if you’re renting, it is easy to remove or paint over.  


5.  Create a Faux Canopy Bed with Lights


This is a fun one, and something I still find as magical as an adult as I did as a child. A real canopy bed frame can cost a small fortune, but a faux one can be done for a lot less.  Simply hang sheer drapes from the ceiling and add in string lights to create a focal point that will instantly transform your sleeping space.  


6.  Create Stylish Storage Boxes

storage box

Boring storage boxes can easily be turned into a stylish focal point of your home using contact paper or decoupage (any paper + Mod Podge).  You can choose the sizes you need for the top of your desk, bookshelves, and even tucked into the corner of a room. There’s an endless array of uses for storage boxes and the best part is they’ll hold items that you won’t need to re-pack when you move once again! 


7.  Add Floating Shelves


Storage can be at a premium in many apartments and rental homes, (especially overseas!) so sometimes you need to make your own.  I’ve found that floating shelves are an excellent option because you can easily take them down and put them up in your next home.  I built ALL the desks, tables and shelving myself for the last studio with slabs of wood, brackets, and screws from Lowe’s – and now they’re packed up and going to the next studio. You can choose many different types of floating shelves, but I love the rustic look from those that are made from reclaimed wood or ones that I’ve stained myself to match all my other custom shelves 🙂


This is just a handful of the budget friendly decorating ideas I’ve seen or used over the years, but there are tons of ideas (start on Pinterest!).  If you move around a lot, I recommend you add these decorative ideas to your new space ideas and then take a picture so I can see and celebrate your decorating success with you!  



Emily Magone is a self-taught artist, entrepreneur and Salesforce enthusiast from NW Montana. She wants all women to rise into themselves to maximize their potential – whatever that might look like.