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One of my favorite things about moving often is the purge that comes with it. I love decluttering, donating, simplifying, and letting go of things that I clearly don’t use or need. Simplifying things help us feel balanced and less stressed about life. Nowadays, living a minimalist life (which means living with less) has become the new normal for many people around the world. We save time by not having to constantly tidy up because there are fewer things to gather dust and leave laying around. Instead, we can focus more on other aspects of our lives like spending more time with our loved ones or pursuing our chosen passions. 

However, as compelling as it sounds, transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle can be stressful if you have no idea where to start. Basically, all you need to keep in mind is the concept of “minimalism” which is designing a simple life. After you’ve gotten rid of the things that don’t “spark joy” for you anymore as Marie Kondo would say, your space may feel kind of empty and… plain. 

But thank goddess for tapestries! 

A tapestry is the perfect home décor secret to complete any minimalist space. Made from an opaque yet lightweight fabric, tapestries are super easy to hang on the wall or ceiling. 

Here are the most popular tapestries to ease your ‘what should I hang here’ woes:

Playa Two Wall Tapestry

Playa Two Tapestry

Playa Two Tapestry by Emily Magone

This piece of art brings a calm vibe to your place. If you are a Thalassophile or an Aquaphile then this tapestry will surely give you a clear mind.


Chakras Wall Tapestry

Chakras Tapestry by Emily Magone

Chakras Tapestry by Emily Magone

For those who love rainbows, vibrant color and the seven chakras! Release all kinds of positive vibes with this one as it radiates revitalizing life energy into your space.

Trees on Wood Wall Tapestry

Trees on Wood Tapestry by Emily Magone

Trees on Wood Tapestry by Emily Magone

Perfect for nature lovers wanting to create a green, refreshing atmosphere. Invite nature into your home and feel the soul of the forest everyday. 

Afterburn Wall Tapestry

Afterburn Tapestry by Emily Magone

Afterburn Tapestry by Emily Magone

The perfect addition for those who find peace and solace in ethereal pieces. Indulge yourself with this eye-catching tapestry brimming with the vigor of adventure. 


There you have it. Aren’t they all breathtaking?  These tapestries are beautifully and exclusively printed with the original artworks of Emily Magone. You won’t find these masterpieces anywhere else in the world! If you’re looking for new minimalist wall décor, this is your sign. 

You can shop all of Emily’s tapestries, prints, clothing and more HERE.


Emily Magone is a self-taught artist, entrepreneur and Salesforce enthusiast from NW Montana. Her favorite pastime is watching women rise into themselves and maximize their potential – whatever that might look like.